Be Happy, Express What You Are

This world is so big and to be accepted, you just have to be you, and ejoy all the little & good things. Follow your dreams untill the end, and fight for them.



Hayley what glitter do you use? That is amazing shine power!!!

that’s some urban decay glitter pen thing with mac glitter pigment on top! layer that shiz all day!!!

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AoS Countdown

7 Days: favorite romantic ship

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color meme: once upon a time + complementary colors

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do you ever get your period and just think about your recent behavior like wow that explains a lot

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Happiness is when the stickers pull cleanly off of a book

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homophobia is stupid. who the hell is afraid of homes

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So it’s my little sisters birthday

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i am the tragedy and the heroine┖ leading ladies of the marvel cinematic universe
i am the tragedy and the heroine
leading ladies of the marvel cinematic universe

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